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Since Unifert’s birth, Agriculture has been at the heart of our activities. We believe the world will need more and more food to feed an ever-increasing population while the availability of new arable lands remains constricted and climatic conditions worsen due to the effects of global warming. These hard realities will force humanity to improve yields and develop more efficient farming processes.

The Unifert Mission statement seems tailor-made: “To provide comprehensive solutions to the agricultural industry”. By solutions we mean not only products but also logistical services and, more importantly, using our know-how to help our customers and the growers.

Soon after its beginnings in 1968, Unifert International had become one of the leading fertilizer traders on the global international scene with the network of committed and reliable partners in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, we grew to become one of the major players in the industry. This helped us fulfill our Vision: “To achieve a leadership position in all the markets we serve, while expanding our geographical base”.

Fifty years later, Unifert International is still one of the major players in the international trade of fertilizers. We achieved this position thanks to our in-depth knowledge of products and markets, our wide experience in logistics, our large network of offices, the strong backing of our suppliers and bankers and, most importantly, the hard and dedicated work of our experienced Team.

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