Twiga Chemicals Ltd

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We are Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd


We are one of the leading companies in Africa. We are involved in the distribution of crop protection, animal health, consumer products and explosives. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd is managed and operated by a team of highly qualified and experienced managers overseeing its continued growth.  We are currently  ISO 9001:2015 certified

Our Vision


Our Vision is to be the most respected company, market leader and the preferred employer in our chosen businesses.


Our Mission


Our Mission is to manufacture, distribute and sell high quality chemical, life science and consumer products to meet customers’ requirements.


Our Values

Customer Orientation

Customer orientation means that we understand that our business exists because of the needs of our customers. We shall do our best to understand them and fulfill their current and future needs.


Professionalism means meeting and exceeding the high standards as per the expectations of the particular discipline in terms of the required code of conduct or practice.

Positive Attitude and Initiative

A positive attitude means feeling good in every situation and identifying the opportunity. One should then take the initiative to exploit the opportunity identified.

Integrity / Trust

Integrity means being honest, consistent, truthful and dependable. By practicing integrity one becomes trusted.


Teamwork means that employee groups work together to accomplish agreed company goals and objectives.

Products: 124 of 60
Products: 124 of 60