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Red Coach F1

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A superb F1 hybrid onion variety with high yield and long storage with full freshness.

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Growing Conditions

  • Topology: The land should be more or less flat and access to a source of water. Onion is a cool crop.
  • Soil Type: The soil should be light and well drained fertile sandy loam non compacted soils, it should be free from aggressive weeds like couch grass and be also in full sun. Test the soil to determine your soil fertility.
  • Soil PH: Red coach F1 performs better within a PH 5.8-6.8.If the PH is below 5 apply calctic lime at the rate recommended by your soil test results
  • Seed Rate: 1kg of Red coach F1 is enough for one acre-mix them with the same amount of sand then fill farrows evenly with seed-sand mix when sowing.

Important Attributes of Red Coach F1

  • Early maturing variety; 80-90 days from transplanting
  • It’s a mid-short day hybrid red bulb onion variety
  • It’s flattened globe shape bulb onion
  • Produces medium to large dark red bulbs
  • Very vigorous plant with strong root system which makes it ideal for hot growing conditions
  • Has firm bulbs with good storage ability of up to 3 months
  • It’s a pink rot resistant variety which makes it ideal for most Kenyan soils
  • It produces 25-30 tons of uniformly mature deep red bulbs
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    25,000seeds (100gm Satchet), 100,000seeds (400gm satchet), 250,000 seeds (1Kg satchet)
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