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Profile 440EC

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PROFILE® 440EC is an enhanced contact and stomach action Insecticide for foliar and stem application and is active particularly against sucking and chewing pests with broad spectrum long residual activity widely used in agriculture for controlling pests including aphids, thrips, whiteflies, spidermites, caterpillars, stem borer and leaf roller in a broad range of edible crops and ornamentals.

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  • Profenofos (phenyl organothiophosphate insecticide group) is non-systemic with contact and stomach action as Acetyl cholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor.
  • Cypermethrin (Pyrethroid insecticide group) is non-systemic with contact and stomach action as Sodium channel modulator.


CropPestRateMethod of application
Roses, Carnations, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Potatoes, CapsicumAphids Thrips Whiteflies Caterpillar Spider mitesFoliar spray: 1-1.5L/ha in 1000L of water (20-30ml/ 20L)Apply as first signs of infestation or insect egg hatch peak period as a full cover spray. Maximum 2 applications on a 14-day interval per season
Onions, French beans, Runner beansThrips
Rice, MaizeStem borer, Leaf roller

APPLICATION TECHNIQUE: PROFILE® 440EC is foliar applied and adequate coverage of the crop foliage should be ensured for excellent results.

APPLICATION TIMING: Apply PROFILE® 440EC at first signs of pest infestation or egg hatch peak period and repeat as necessary based on regular scouting for successful control.

PREPARATION OF SPRAY MIXTURE: Fill spray tank with half the amount of required water. Add required amount of PROFILE® 440EC and fill the water to the required level. Agitate to ensure thorough mixing. Use the spray mixture on the same day of preparation.

COMPATIBILITY: PROFILE® 440EC is compatible with most commonly used pesticides and liquid fertilizers. However, a compatibility test is advisable before mixing commercial quantities or spraying a large area.

PHYTOTOXICITY: PROFILE® 440EC is not phytotoxic when used as recommended.

RE-ENTRY PERIOD: DO NOT enter treated areas during the restricted-entry interval of 12hours. If entry is necessary, appropriate protective clothing should be worn.

PHI: Tomato, Cucumber, Potato, Capsicum, Onion, French beans, Runner beans – 14 days, Rice, Maize -28 days

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