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Green miracle

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Green Miracle is an a non-toxic, reflectant type of antitranspirant and surfactant. It is based on long chain fatty alcohol group C8 to C18; and is fortified with a balanced combination of amino acids, peptides and low molecular weight Oligopeptides 

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Guarantee:   Long chain fatty alcohol group + Amino acids 

Green Miracle is used to minimise the impact of drought and other environmental stresses on plants.
Mode of Action

  • Reflection agent: Once applied as a liquid foliar spray, it forms a thin glassy film coat, which reflects the excess light that would otherwise heat up the tissues, -thereby reduces the chances of leaf damage.
  • Stomatal regulation: Through regulating the opening and closing of the stomata positively, it helps in minimising the rate of transpiration.
  • Metabolic type:   It acts on spongy parenchyma cells making them into a multi-layered tissue, which leads to reduced intercellular space. It helps the plant maintain the turgor of the tissues.

Proteins and peptides present in Green Miracle are complex structures that play a fundamental role in plant physiology. 
They function as growth regulators in enzymatic systems and accelerate all the nutrient transformation.

Features and Benefits
•  It reduces transpiration rate (from approximately 35 to 40%) through regulating stomatal movements.  Green Miracle allows normal stomatic activities without interfering with photosynthesis. 
•  The coating permits does not wash off when exposed to normal rainfall conditions.
•  Increases leaf tissues that sustain photosynthesis and portioning of assimilates.
•  Helps plant recover from stress and improves resistance to drought, cold, floods and   diseases.
•  Serves as an osmoticum –improving fertiliser efficiency.
•  It increases harvest, improves quality and shelf-life of the produce.
•  It increases total soluble solids while reducing fibres.
•  It is non-toxic , biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Certified by IMO for use in organic farming. 
•  Compatible with most chemical pesticides and biological products. 

Recommended Application Rates 

Vegetables (e.g. Tomatoes, 

Chillies, Beans,  Peas, etc.) 
Spray at flowering, at ‘fruit’ setting and 10-15 days 
after 2nd spray (or as necessary depending on 
the weather). 

Fruits e.g Mango, Apples, 
Citrus, Papaya, Grapes e.t.c 
Spray at early flowering,  when fruits are setting 
(pea-size) and at fruit maturationstage (or as 
necessary depending on the weather). 

At square (bud) formation stage and 21-30 days 
after (or as necessary depending on the weather). 
Cereals (Rice, Wheat, etc.) 

6-10 days before onset of expected shedding (or 

as necessary depending on the weather). 
Grass lawn 
1 Lt/Ha 


It can be applied as foliar spray at pre or post flowering stages and fruit setting stages or carry out 2-3 applications at 15- 20 days interval. 

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